Four more reasons to be in Italy

Written by on October 7, 2020 in Italy Stories

four more reasons to be in Italy - flowers, aperitivo, food and strolling in town

So, here are the 4 more reasons why you should spend more time in Italy:


Yes, the weather in Italy is significantly warmer and dryer than in the UK and the rest of Northern Europe of course, which is brilliant. But it is also just as variable, maybe more so, which I think is also a good thing. The seasons are very pronounced, which gives a reassuring structure to the year. And the weather changes considerably depending on where you are in the Country. North or south, east or west, by the sea or inland, at sea level or up a mountain. Which makes it interesting when travelling around. So there’s more than enough to talk about regarding the weather in Italy, thank goodness. Sometimes there’s even something to complain about.

Eating out

Typical Italian food is gloriously simple and delicious, relying on quality ingredients and love rather than fancy techniques and complicated combinations.

But eating out well here is certainly not something only money can buy, it is a given for everyone, everywhere, even in the most uninspiring looking trattoria or restaurant. Apart from maybe in some high-end places or in the tourist hotspots at the height of the season, its great value for money. Normally the most appropriate wine to drink with Italian food is the house wine by carafe, which isn’t usually expensive. The antipasto and primo are so good you almost don’t need to bother with a more-pricey secondo. Save room for a classic dessert instead.

Best of all, eating out in Italy is relaxing and comforting. The waiters are nearly always friendly, calm and professional, so your fellow diners aren’t going to be up-tight. Your children will be made to feel really at home. Result being Italian children know how to behave themselves in a restaurant without going crazy or having to be over-indulged.

Aperitivo is one of the reasons to stay in Italy


From about 6 o’clock onwards, at a modest bar in your local Piazza, an Aperol Spritz, Campari Soda, glass of Prosecco or a cold beer, accompanied by some little salty snacks. Just watching the world go by and collecting your thoughts before going home as your best self. Aperitivo is the Italian version of a quick pint and packet of crisps down the pub. Sort of!


Make it part of your routine to go for a wander about your ‘centro paese’ around 6 o’clock, or maybe later after supper. Or on a Sunday afternoon. No particular purpose or destination in mind, just a gentle stroll around. You don’t have to buy anything in the shops or even eat or drink anything, although an ice cream will be hard to resist. Italian youngsters are as spirited as any but they ‘passeggiata’ too, respectfully and unselfconsciously, happy to mingle alongside the old folk and the families with young children. Just being there amongst the crowd gives you a reassuring sense of being part of a community and of belonging to a place. Even if you don’t meet anyone you know, you still feel you are being sociable. All of which is good for us humans.

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