Bombardino – a delicious drink for the Italian ski slopes

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Bombardino with whipped cream and ski slopes

On past Collins family ski holidays in Austria the standard treat was always a hot chocolate with rum and whipped cream. In France, it was just a hot chocolate – couldn’t afford the rum. Or the whipped cream. Here in Italy it’s a Bombardino.

To make one, the barman fills a little metal jug with a long shot of thick, yellow egg liquor. There are various brands available, such as VOV, Zabov and Advocaat. He adds a shot of brandy or rum and heats it up a bit on the steaming arm of the expresso machine before pouring it into a glass. Then he adds a mountain of squirty whipped cream from a can. Technically the cream is optional but come on, why wouldn’t you!?

Vov the Italian egg nog

You know its going to be hot but it is still a surprise because the thick cream on top is so cool. As you take a first bite / suck / sniff of the cream, alcohol fumes escape from underneath and shoot up your nose like smelling salts. At the same time the first hit of rum reaches your taste buds. Its all a bit of a shock which sometimes induces a kind of mini head-fit.

If you were feeling a bit cold and lacking in energy out there on the slopes beforehand, you aren’t feeling like that anymore! And the rum will stay in your system for an hour or so, invigorating your turns with a charge of Dutch courage.

If your night-before antics have left you feeling especially weary, ask the barman to add a shot of expresso to your bombardino. Don’t be ashamed, he’s seen it all before. This little pick-me-up is known as a calimero and it really hits the spot.

having some drinks on the terrace of the restaurant on ski slopes

If you would like to make a bombardino at home but don’t have a ready made bottle of egg liquor, you can make your own by following our recipe for Zabaione. For the bombardino the ratios are 2 measures of zabaione to 1 of brandy/rum. For a calimero it is equal measures of expresso coffee, zabaione and brandy/rum.

Cin Cin

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