Best hikes with a pushchair in Gran Paradiso National Park

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grand paradiso national park view over the mountains - Best family hikes with a pushchair in the Gran Paradiso National Park

Continuing on from our article where we mention our Best hikes in the Aosta Valley with young children and a pushchair, we would now like to share with you our favourites within the Gran Paradiso National Park.

Apart from the magnificent views and unspoilt landscapes, the Gran Paradiso is also the place to go to spot some native mountain wildlife such as marmotta, stambecco and chamois, especially during late spring and in the summer.

To learn about the fauna of the National Park it is well worth visiting the The Paradisia Alpine Botanical Garden located in Valnontey, near the beautiful Alpine village of Cogne. The best time to visit is June and July as most flowers are blooming in this period.

The National Park is the oldest in Italy and is shared between the Aosta Valley and Piemonte regions.

Val di Rhemes area, Introd, Champlong Dessus to Chevrere

Altitude 1017m, dislivello 94 m, distance 3.7 km, duration 1h (part of the Cammino Balteo)

Roman old bridge in Introd - Best family hikes with a pushchair in the Gran Paradiso National Park

Introd is located in between Val di Rhemes and Valsavarenche. This walk is part of the “Cammino di Balteo” which is a 350 km circular walk through the Aosta Valley which takes you back in time as you pass by little traditional villages and ancient castles.

The starting point of this walk is in the hamlet of Champlong Dessus, just above Villeneuve. Pass the village and after 100 meters there is a little car park on the left side of the road where you can leave your car. Follow the paved road until you reach the fork after about 5 min. Then take the wide gravelled road on your right that will take you to the hamlet of Chevrere in about an hour.

Val de Rhemes area, Rhemes-Notre-Dame, Brenand to Chamavey (path number 6)

Dislivello 80 m, distance 2.4 km, duration 40 min

cal di Rhemes in the spring with beautiful mountain flowers            

There are several beautiful walks in Val di Rhemes. This walk that we propose starts in the little hamlet of Brenand. Just 100 meters before you get to the village, take track 6 that crosses the Dora river and carries on along the left bank. The track continues through meadows and pastures and eventually reaches a small set of houses in Le Carre. You will find a lovely, well equipped picnic spot with tables, benches and drinking water fountain to fill up your water bottle from. Even a BBQ area and toilettes are available. All shaded by delightful larch and pine trees for the hot summer days.

After your rest you can carry on walking to Chamavey, where you should have a look at the Visitor Centre of the Gran Paradiso National Park. Within the centre there is a museum called “Bentornato Gipeto” dedicated to the magnificent bird Gipeto, a bearded vulture. They are the rarest vultures in Europe with only about 600-1000 pairs remaining. They disappeared from the Valley at the beginning of the last century, but now have found their way back again.

Valsavarenche area, Anello Pont to Rifugio Tetra Lyre

Dislivello 31 m, distance 2.2 km, duration 40 min (path number 13)

great walk for spotting cute mountain animals - Best family hikes with a pushchair in the Gran Paradiso National Park

As Valsavarenche is also part of the Gran Paradiso National Park there is a good chance to spot a stambeccho or marmotta on your way. We were lucky enough to do so when we went hiking several times during early summer. As the park is protected the animals are braver and more used to being close to people.

Once you arrive to the end of the Valsavarenche valley and the hamlet of Pont you will find a big car park where you can leave the car. There are toilets available as well as drinking water fountains and a picnic area. Cross over the stream and take the easy foot path 1 that goes along the right bank of the river. You can reach Rifugio Tetra Lyre in about 15-20 minutes, where again there are more picnic facilities.  During the summer time, from the end of June to September the Rifugio is open. Around the rifugio, there is a large flat safe area for the children to run around and for parents to relax. Take your time and enjoy the tranquillity. Then either take the same path back or cross the river and walk back along the left bank. It is an easy walk, however you are in the National Park and surrounded by amazing mountains and hopefully cute animals.

Val di Cogne area, Cogne

Dislivello 30 m, distance variable, duration variable   

      Cogne - beautiful walk along the river

This was one of the first walks that we discovered. Cogne is a wonderful old village surrounded by beautiful meadows, full of flowers and wildlife.

Just before you arrive to the village Cogne you find a big free car parking on the left side of the road. Leave the car there and then start walking towards the village. Take the first road to your right, walk a couple of hundred meters and you find yourself in the magnificent Prato di Saint Orso, where children can freely run around in the summer and play on the fantastic playground.

Carry on walking past the playground, then the road will bend to the right after a little wooden bridge over the river. Follow the river as long as you can before turning round and coming back. When you return to the playground there is a very nice restaurant nearby, on the ground floor of the hotel, where they make great pizzas. The village of Cogne is lovely to walk around, full of old buildings and cobbled streets.

Cogne area, Valnontey

Dislivello 30 m, distance 2 km, duration 40 min

Cogne in the winter - fun childrens' park for sledging

The other option from the Prato di Saint Orso is to walk through the meadow and instead of turning right, carry straight on. You will need to go on the asphalted road and you can reach the little hamlet of Valnontey in 2 km on a completely flat road. In Valnontey, there will be a big parking lot, bar and children’s play area.

In the winter this whole area of Cogne is very popular for cross country skiing and snow shoeing, but you can still enjoy it as a simple walker with young children. At the Prato di Saint Orso, during the winter, for young children there is also a fantastic snow park next to the playground with sledging on big blown up inner tubes, with a moving carpet to take you back up to the top.

During the peak season there is also a navetta (shuttle bus) that connects the little hamlets of Cogne, such as Liliaz and Valmontey, in case you do not fancy walking back.

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