Best Christmas present ideas from Italy

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combination of prosecco, pandoro and Murano glass braclets ideas for Christmas gifts from Italy

Some Italian Christmas present ideas

Since travel is so difficult or even impossible at the moment, why don’t you bring a piece of Italy to your home this Christmas?

Italian Food

Italian gastronomy is one of the most loved all over the world. At Christmas, the choice is even wider with the delicious Panettone, Pandoro, Torrone the most well-known Italian cakes and sweets.

Italy has 138 products of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO or DOP in Italian), which means they’re authentic and of high quality. Extra virgin olive oil, Genovese pesto and Modena’s balsamic vinegar are a great starting point, and you can’t go wrong with Baci chocolates (chocolate-encased hazelnuts that come with a sweet message) from Perugia. As for drinks Prosecco from the Valdobbiadene area or from Franciacorta you cannot go wrong. If you are looking for a lovely bollicine (sparkling) to accompany your dessert at Christmas, then get some Spumante from Asti.  

red coffee moka machine with lovely little espresso mugs

Italian Kitchen essential 

Staying with the food theme, for your foodie friends and family, get them a moka pot for the perfect espresso, a pasta-maker or a mouli (a slightly old fashioned grinder which allows you to puree food without making it completely smooth). One of the best moka pot is made by the famous Bialetti factory and they have lots of lovely products relating to coffee to choose from. Or you could get an Italian recipe book for fresh inspirations.

italian ornaments - ceramics from Umbria, Nativity set from Napels

Italian ornaments 

There are so many lovely ornaments in Italy that you can find.  Beautiful crockery and ornaments made from Murano glass, Etna lava stone or Umbrian ceramics. Alternatively, Italian leather is top quality and has a different price range from relatively well-priced to luxury products and brands.

Another possible Christmas gift is Italian-made nativity sets.  Based on the Neapolitan tradition of the “Presepe“, they reflect the strong Italian custom of remembering that the basis of Christmas is a religious one. Fontanini is one of Italy’s most well respected Presepe makers. They also make beautiful snow globes.

Local gifts 

If you have travelled in Italy before you can pick up a local ornament or produce for your family member or friends to share your good memories. Or if you were planning a trip to Italy, but you could not make it, why don’t you order something local to help you with the waiting until you can go there! Like if you were planning a skiing trip to Aosta Valley pick up a coppa di amicizia to taste the Valdostain “coffee”. Or a bottle of Lemoncello if you were planning to go to Southern Italy especially to the Amalfi coast where it comes from.

La Fenice theatre in Venice along the canals

Virtual Tours

As travelling is compromised now, there are a lot of tour companies, museums, historic sites etc. are offering virtual tours and most of them are free. Also, theatre, churches and bands are doing online performances and concerts that you can buy an online ticket and your whole family can enjoy the experience together from your home. For examples free Christmas concert in the theatre La Fenice in Venice.


Buon Natale! Merry Christmas!


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